Bochi VMC1890 CNC Vertical Mill

The VMC 1890 is a large sized mill within the VMC Series. These machines are built with very high durability and accuracy standards. The hardened box guide ways, Fanuc CNC Controller and Fanuc servo motors show Bochi’s dedication to quality. This machine can be used for all milling functions such as boring, facing, drilling, tapping, etc. The VMC series of mills are built to last and can be used for small to large size work-pieces in mass production or smaller quantities.  

* Image is representative, actual size dependent on model type

Standard Machine Features


TableSize ( W x L )900 x 2000 [35.4" x 78.7"]
T-slot size (metric)5-22 x 165
Weight limit1800 kg [3,975 lb]
SpindleTaperCAT50 / BT50
Power18.5 kW [24.8 hp]
Max. speed (rpm)7000
TravelX-axis1800 [70.8"]
Y-axis900 [35.4"]
Z-axis680 [26.7"]
Table to spindle160-840 [6.3"-33.1"]
C-line of spindle to column950 [37.4"]
FeedX/Y Rapid traverse16 m/min [629.9 ipm]
Z Rapid traverse12 m/min [472.4 ipm]
Max. feedrate10 m/min [393.7 ipm]
Tool MagazineCapacity16 / 20 / 24
Max. tool weight15 kg [33 lb]
AccuracyRepeatability±0.010 [±0.0004"]
Positional ±0.005 [±0.0002"]
Misc.Air consumption350 L/min [12.3 cfm]
Air pressure0.6 MPa [87 psi]
Net Weight15,000 kg [33,070 lb]
Dimensions (L x W x H)4800 x 3800 x 3300 [189" x 150" x 130"]

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