VMC H Series

Our High Speed Mills with many features to increase production speeds.

Every VMC-H Series milling machines comes complete with a standard features package for greatly increased production speeds. The VMC-H series are Bochi’s high speed mills due to this features package. These milling machines come standard with an upgraded spindle at 12,000 rpms, chain type chip conveyors, linear guideways in all three axis, and much more. All models are built with the quality and percision you have come to expect from Bochi. Browse the models below to see all these machines offer and see what a high speed mill can do for you. 

All VMC-H Models may be equipped with a 4th axis rotary table.

Small CNC Vertical Milling Machine
VMC 650H
High Speed Vertical Milling Machine
VMC 850H
High speed large VMC
VMC 1060H