Bochi North America (BNA) Terms of Payment Policy - Machine Sales

Standard Terms for Machine Sales = 50% with order, 50% with approval for shipping:

Bochi North America is normally flexible in an effort to meet customer required/requested terms of payment. Historic customers with good payment history will find us even more flexible inside the constraint of prudence. In all cases, customer are responsible for all incurred costs in the event of an order cancellation for any reason (see standard terms and conditions). While we appreciate your need to protect your company’s best interest within the scope of payment/purchasing terms. Please respect that we must do the same. We can not accept terms with undue risk of cancellation and no cost recovery.

Payment Timing:

It is our policy to collect a minimum of 90% of the P.O. price before the machine is loaded on a truck for shipping from our factory floor. This is required by our bank in the case of all international shipments. The language in any concerning L/C must state “payment upon presentation of buyer authorization to ship.” This authorization should be based upon pre-shipment inspection approval (see ABM pre-shipment engineering approval policy).

Final Payment:

The final payment (normally 10%), is due and payable upon successful setup and run-off of the machine in the customer facility, or 60 days after shipment from our plant floor, which ever comes first. A 1-1/2% late penalty charge applies. If this payment is withheld for any reason, American Broach reserves the right to withhold warranty support until payment is received. American Broach takes this very seriously; we must collect the final payment in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our business, but business pressures dictate that this rule be strictly adhered to, and the late penalty applies to all situations. Your understanding on this is appreciated. American Broach will not be responsible for any loss of anticipated profits or consequential damages. The Warranty clock starts the day the machine is received at customer/buyer shipping dock. This is necessary, because many of the components use to build your machine have 1 year warranty which starts at that time by agreement with the component manufacturers. In addition to this, we find that many times machines are not run off immediately upon receipt by our customers for reasons beyond our control, making this policy necessary in order to establish a date that is defined.

* Any deviation to the above policy must be in writing and refer to this policy, detailing the revised terms and the reason for the deviation. This document must be signed and sealed by an authorized American Broach Employee