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HMC Series

Horizontal machining centers excelling in mass production

The HMC Series are horizontal machining centers that come loaded with many standard features that make them perfect for high production levels and speeds. Each HMC Mill comes with indexing tables and a 2 pallet auto changer. These machines are capable of handling machining up to 16 parts in a cluster tower with almost zero machine downtime. Each model comes standard with chip conveyors and spindle cooling so chip and general maintenance is a minimal. Add an HMC to your production facility to see increases in production speeds and lower costs.  

HMC 500
  • Max part size: 750mm [29.5"]
  • Travels X/Y/Z: 850/700/800 [33.5"/27.5"/31.5"]
  • Linear roller ways
  • 40 pocket tool mag
  • CAT50/BT50
  • 7000rpm Spindle
HMC 630
  • Max part size: 1000mm [39.4"]
  • Travels X/Y/Z: 1000/850/850 [39.4"/33.5"/33.5"]
  • Linear roller ways
  • 60 pocket tool mag
  • CAT50/BT50
  • 6000rpm Spindle
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