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Bochi HMC500 Horizontal CNC Mill

The HMC500 horizontal mill is your do it all in one package. This machine comes loaded with many standard features and top of the line equipment. The HMC is controlled by the Fanuc 0i-MF1 CNC controller that allows the machine to do many different milling processes. This machine comes standard with a two pallet auto changer and 4-sided vice tower on an indexing table to greatly reduce machine downtime. This machine is perfect for mass production of milling parts in areas like weapon and auto manufacturing. 

CNC Horizontal Milling Machine

Standard Machine Features

Table & PalletSize ( W x L )
500 x 500 [19.6" x 19.6"]
Indexing of Table360x1° [0.001°]
Table TypeSpiral Groove 24-M16
Weight limit500 kg [1102 lb]
Max part size750mm [29.5"]
Pallet change typeRotating
Change time of pallet12 seconds
Table to floor height
1150 [45.3"]
Max torque of table2250 Nm
SpindleTaperCAT50 / BT50
Power15 kW [20 hp]
Max. speed (rpm)7000
Torque95.4 - 117 Nm
[70.4 - 86.3 ft-lb]
TravelX-axis850 [33.5"]
Y-axis700 [27.5"]
Z-axis800 [31.5"]
Table to spindle70-870 [2.8"-34.3"]
Spindle center to pallet top87-870 [2.8"-34.3"]
FeedX/Y/Z Rapid traverse36 m/min [1417.3 ipm]
Max. feedrate12 m/min [472.4 ipm]
Torque of feed motor
30/22/22 Nm
[22/16/16 ft-lb]
Tool MagazineCapacity40
Tool change time3.5 seconds
Max tool diameter
125/250 [4.9"/9.8"]
Max tool length350 [13.8"]
Max. tool weight25 kg [55 lb]
AccuracyBidirectional Positioning 0.012 [0.0005"]
Bidirectional Repeatability 0.008 [0.0003"]
Indexing accuracy of table15°
Repeating indexing accuracy of table±3°
Misc.Cutting fluid capacity500L [132g]
Power source60 kW
Air pressure0.5 MPa [72.5 psi]
Net Weight20000 kg [44,092 lb]
Dimensions (L x W x H)5150 x 3845 x 2975
[203" x 152" x 117"]

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