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Bochi CK51125A Vertical CNC Lathe

The CK51125A Vertical Lathe is a large vertical lathe offered by Bochi. It has  powerful machining capabilities with high torque and powerful spindle motor. The CK51125A has been built solid to increase durability and accuracy. The machines are controlled by a Fanuc CNC controller located centrally for operators ease. Completed with a nearly 50″ 6 jaw hydraulic chuck this machine has become know as a train wheel lathe. This machines table can hold up to 3500kg (7,716lbs) and a max turning diameter of 1250mm (49.2″), capable of holding all AAR-approved train wheel sizes. A 12 position automatic tool changer on this machine allows for boring, chamfer cutting, ID and OD turining and refacing all to be done within one machine. With all of this in one affordable package, the CK51125A is your next train wheel lathe. 

Train Wheel Lathe
Bochi CK51125A Train Wheel Lathe

Standard Machine Features

CapacityMax. swing diameterØ1500 [59"]
Max. turning diameter over carriageØ1250 [49.2"]
Max. turning height600 [23.6"]
Max. Work Weight3500 kg [7716.2 lbs]
TableTable DiameterØ1000 [39.3"]
Table Speed2-400 rpm
Max. Table Torque9500 Nm [7006.8 ft-lb]
Machine power37 kW [49.6 hp]
CarriageTravel in X/Z1300 / 600mm [51.1"/23.6"]
Rapid speed X10 m/min [393.7 ipm]
Rapid speed Z10 m/min [393.7 ipm]
Motor power X/Z7/4 kW [9.3/5.3 hp]
Motor torque X/Z30/22 Nm [22.1/16.2 ft-lb]
Ball Screw Diameter X/Z63/55mm [2.4"/1.9"]
TurretStations12 Disk Type
Tool shank size32 x 32 / Ø50mm [1.2" x 1.2"/1.9"]
Misc.Power consumption75 kVA
Dimensions ( L x W x H )4950 x 3020 x 4200 [194.9"x118.9"x165.4"]
Weight18500 Kg [40,785.6 lb]

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