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Who We Are

Bochi North America is a DBA of American Broach & Machine Company. We are the North American Distribution and Service Center for Bochi machines. Established under American Broach in mid 2018, we take in the same values and quality they have installed in their company since 1918. We are passionate about helping our customers find machining solutions that provide high quality and great value. We offer high quality mills and lathes for shops of all sizes at lower costs than most competitors. We strive to build relationships with our customers to better understand their needs. Serving companies small and large. We invest in our sales, service, and engineering support team, providing a friendly working environment and empowerment to solve problems. We do this to ensure our customers enjoy their experience and assure all their need are satisfied. 

What We Provide

Our primary function is the sale, service, and support of Bochi machines, manufactured by Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd in China. We here at Bochi North America provide spare parts and service for your existing machines, as well as the latest models of mills and lathes from Bochi. In addition, we combine our depth of manufacturing experience as American Broach & Machine Co. with the added functionality of Bochi Machines to provide machining cell solutions. We can take a part print and raw material specification and create a proposal for the machining equipment required, both as individual components or as a whole package.

We can set-up your machining cell with:

  • Bochi CNC Lathes
  • Bochi CNC Mills
  • American Broaching Machines
  • QCMT Hobbing, Shaping, & Skiving machines
We her at Bochi NA can provide solutions for almost any challenge using a combination of our manufacturing facilities spread globally and our many strong industrial partners to create solutions customized to your needs.

Why Choose Bochi

Bochi North America can provide you with any machine listed within our website and more. We are the North American distributor for Boaji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co. LTD. A top machine manufacturer in Asia who has been building and perfecting machining since 1965. Here at Bochi North America we have gone a step further to make our machines better for our customers. We can set your machine up with various parts, work holding, and tools from strong industry leaders we have partnered with. Here at Bochi North America we always put our customers needs first and will build the machine to what the customer actually needs. We use our over a century of experience in the machining industry along with Boaji’s experience of over half a century in the industry to provide our customers great mills and lathes at great prices. Give us your needs and Bochi NA will give you a machining solution to meet those needs.

Boaji and its affiliates are a ISO9001, CE Safety, and ISO14001 certified companies.

Reach out to us Today

Reach out to us from anywhere in the world and we can assist in whatever your machining needs are. We have experience in many government contracts and tenders from all over the globe. It is hard to find a project that Bochi and its affiliates cannot meet the needs for. Reach out to us today to see what we can do for you!

Our showroom is located within American Broach & Machine Co. We have a Bochi CNC Lathe and CNC Mill set-up  for demonstration and prototyping your part. Contact us to schedule a visit to view the machines and meet our team. 

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