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Bochi NA: Your New Solutions Provider For CNC Mills and Lathes

Bochi North America is here to assist you and your company with your needs for CNC machining. We work to meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations. Bochi NA specializes in full machine setup by working with our many partners who are leaders throughout their industries. We work to give you a machine ready to make parts right after being installed. Explore our website and you will find that Bochi offers many machines to be able to assist almost any customer. Browse our many CNC mills and lathes or our manual lathes to find a machine that fits your needs. Request a quote or reach out to us today to see everything that Bochi NA can do for you and your company.

Versatile & Affordable Machines
We offer both cnc and manual milling machines and lathes that are affordable well maintaining a high standard of quality
Customized to You
We are a solutions provider that works to give you a machine with all features and capabilities it will need for your shop

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Efficient Machining Cells

Start your manufacturing process with a versatile machining cell, or increase your capacity by adding to your existing machining work flow. Replace out of date equipment while maintaining exceptional quality and low cost per part. Let us know where you would like to start in the manufacturing process, provide a part print, and we will use the capacity of Bochi NA, American Broach and our many partners to build a machining cell that meets those needs. We can provide mills and lathes, robotics, measuring equipment, conveyor systems, and more to your machining cell.

Robot Load

Bochi specializes in robot loaded machining cells. Our engineering group can design a cell layout that fits your manufacturing and facility needs. Incorporating efficiency and safety to produce productive lines and cells. Let us know what you want to make and how much floor space you have to work with.

Wheel Machining Cell
Machining Cell

Bochi Lathes

We offer a wide variety of CNC lathes and turning centers as well as manual lathes to meet your manufacturing needs. These machines are robust and reliable, providing excellent quality at a great value. Lower your cost per part by incorporating these turning centers in your manufacturing system.

CNC Milling Machines

We offer both center column, horizontal, and gantry style milling centers. Like the CNC turning centers, these milling centers provide reliable productivity, rigid machine motion, and exceptional value.

A wide variety of options are available for different manufacturing needs. 4th axis index heads and trunnion tables are available, as well as all accessories and guarding packages for various levels of automation.

CNC Vertical Milling Machine

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Need a machine quick and at a great price?

We recommend the ESPRIT CAM System for easy and reliable generation of G-code programs and machine simulations. Click the image above to visit their site and start reaping benefits. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we can help you reach the right person at ESPRIT.

Sandvik Coromant is at the forefront of manufacturing tools, machining solutions and knowledge that drive industry standards and innovations demanded by the metalworking industry now and into the next industrial era. Educational support, extensive R&D investment and strong customer partnerships ensure the development of machining technologies that change, lead and drive the future of manufacturing.

Spare Parts

We keep common spare parts in stock. Other spare parts are available with a short lead time, as new components are continually being manufactured to meet the demand for new machines. Give us a call or send us an e-mail describing the part you need.

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Is your machine down or encountered an issue? We have service technicians ready to diagnose the issue and restore your machine to optimal performance. Our team of engineers and machine builders work together to provide the support you need. Give us a call, so we can understand what you need and schedule a service call.

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